wedding + engagement photographer

Based in Connecticut, Traveling Around New England

I’m Melissa Gaudino and I seriously am thrilled that you’re here.

I believe so strongly in laid-back, intimate weddings that go slow so that you can be intentional and breathe in every single moment of the most meaningful day of your life.
Weddings with real laughs and real tears.
Dancing down the aisle.
Running through fields into each other’s arms.
Champagne flowing.
Bonfires & sunsets.
Looking around at a room full of your favorite people.

When I’m not helping you plan and photograph your dream wedding day, I can be found at my home in Manchester, Connecticut watching Netflix documentaries, taking family trips to all the local coffee shops & breweries, dreaming about living in a tiny home, and planning my next big family getaway.

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In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow. In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.
- Pico Iyer -